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G-Loves Roses Lifting Gloves

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With G-Loves It's All About Hard Bodies and Soft Hands

Not only do G-Loves get the job done in the weight room with innovative grip and protection, they are also a stylish addition to your workout wardrobe.  The padding is thin, so that you can wrap your hand around the barbells, dumbbells, and machines handlebars.

  • Made from lightweight neoprene that is breathable, wicks moisture and contours to your hand
  • Hi-tech: PVC grip provides extreme traction on any surface
  • Cropped fingers allow freedom of movement and shows off your bling!
  • This glove is thick enough to protect, yet thin enough to make a mind/body connection so that you can focus on the task at hand
  • Tailored fit specifically for a woman to prevent bunching of material in the palm of the hand
  • Easy to put ON and take OFF with Velcro® closure
  • Say no to gym germs, hand fatigue and calluses
  • Washable: A little soap and water, hang to dry