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Alternatives to the "bad" stuff we love to eat!

Posted on March 06 2018

We all have those foods that we crave and just thinking about them gets our mouths watering.  But of course constantly satisfying those cravings is what can throw us completely off track on achieving our health and fitness goals. We have  found that depriving yourself entirely from these  cravings works for a while but once you open pandoras box you can't stop eating.  So we set out to find us all some healthier alternatives to the most commonly craved foods to help keep our taste buds happy.  

Here is what we found:

Big buffalo wings fan?  Give these bad boys a try. We found this recipe on Pinterest posted by the Dashing Dish.  

Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Poppers



 Addicted to chips and salsa?  Us too.  Seriously,some of us could eat a entire bag in one sitting before dinner. This is never a good idea and will definitely derail your progress.

So while you still have to monitor your intake of these tortilla chips the sheer fact that you have to make them before you eat them should help, Plus they are baked versus fried which is always a better option.  Recipe from Healthy Nibbles and Bits

Baked Tortilla Chips 


Who doesn't love a heavenly slice of Pizza? It's delicious but with the calories in just one slice, pizza is pretty much out of the question on a regular basis.  Plus who can just stop at one.   The average slice of a 14" pizza  has anywhere from 280 -300 calories and this number can go way up depending on crust type and additional toppings. So for about the same number of calories you can eat this entire pizza from Our Best Bites.  (we have not verified the total calories in this recipe.)

Pizza with cauliflower crust

Awe yes the sweet tooth. If your like most of the population the daily urge to eat something sweet gets you every time.  

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that the average American consumes between 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars in one year! Holy Moly thats a lot of sugar.   You may think this is impossible but it actually is a lot easier than you think since refined sugar is hidden in so many of the food and drinks we consume.  Chances are your not eating quite that much if your already making a conscious effort to eat clean and healthy food.  However we all still get those cravings form time to time so here are a couple healthier ways to satisfy them.

Raw Chocolate Mint Tarts  

Recipe from Gluten Free Pantry

4 Ingredient Fudge Protein Brownies 

Recipe from Gimme Delicious 


Do you have a craving we missed?  Share it with us and maybe we can help you find a alternative.  How do curb your cravings?  We would love to hear what your strategies are?  How about a recipe you would like to share?  


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