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Can your leggings actually help boost your booty? Here is everything you need to know about Booty Boosting Leggings.

Posted on March 21 2018

No matter how many squats, lunges, and lifting we do, it can seem impossible to get that perfect booty. From the Kardashians to fitness models on Instagram, today’s workout regimes are all about toning our legs, thighs, and butts. But did you know that most of these women have a secret weapon up their sleeves?


While working out and maintaining a healthy diet will get you true #gainz, there’s no harm in getting a little lifting help. Enter: body shaping leggings. Look at any gym selfie on the Internet and you might notice that a lot of them have something in common - they are wearing body shaping leggings! These leggings comes in different patterns, styles, and cuts, but they all work to shape your butt and tone your legs. Here, we will look at what body shaping leggings are, some of the most popular styles of body shaping leggings, how they work, and more. Then, we’ll help you find the best body shaping leggings for your shape.


What are Body Shaping Leggings?

Body shaping leggings are leggings that use technology and designs to help you appear thinner. Body shaping clothing has been around for ages, but today’s leggings are sleeker, more fashionable, and easier to wear than ever. With just one article of clothing, there is no need to wear shaping undergarments. Plus, body shaping leggings don’t just look good, but they can be worn during serious workouts, too.


Different Styles of Body Shaping Leggings

Not all body shaping leggings are equal. There are countless different styles and patterns that work for different body types. Let’s look at the most common types of slimming designs used.


  • Color Block Leggings - Many designers use color as a way to distract from parts of the body and focus on others. For example, these Nike Zonal Strength leggings use color in a fun and interesting way. If you notice, your eye is drawn to the solid black on the model’s thighs and butt. The checker-type pattern on her hips and calves draw the eye back to her toned thighs, therefore making them appear thinner. The booty and strong leg muscles are accentuated by the contrast. Plus, these leggings are high-waisted, which helps hold your tummy in.

Nike Zonal StrengthNIke Zonal Legging Front

  • Heart Booty - That heart booty shape is what squat dreams are made of, which is why companies, like Barbells to Bombshells, have made it easier to get that shape outside of the gym. Notice how our Heart Booty Leggings also use contrasting colors, but in a unique pattern to really accentuate your backside. We literally use a heart shape to really draw out those curves and slim the legs while making the booty pop.

Leopard Heart Booty leggingLeopard Heart Booty legging

  • Mesh Cut Outs - Not only does mesh serve as a great cooling tool for those sweaty workouts, it also serves as a way to slim your legs. For example, mesh cut outs on the side of the leg help break up the pattern and elongate your legs. Our Black Mesh Leggings have a mesh cut out right on the hips to distract from unwanted curves and focus the eye on the booty and thighs.

Contrast mesh leggingBally Mesh Legging

  • Flattering Colors - Wearing colors that suit your curves is a general rule in fashion, but applies to leggings, as well! There’s a reason why some of the most slimming leggings are black, because black is known to make you look thinner. Try to avoid really light colors or colors close to your skin tone, as these choices bare it all! Another smart way to use color is to wear a banded look to break up the leg.

Mia Brazilia Baseball Leggingbaseball legging

  • Smart Stitching - Many of the top athletic wear companies have figured out how to use stitching on their leggings to your advantage, whether you’ve noticed it or not! Take lululemon for example. Many of their leggings, such as the In Movement ⅞ Tight Everlux, have subtle stitching that is strategically placed to hug your curves. The arch above the rear and the side triangles are a great way to slim without being too noticeable.

Lululemon Everlux

  • Ruched Booty - One of the newer body shaping legging trends is a ruched rear, which means that there is a slight scrunch of material right in the middle. By doing this, designers have found a way to really emphasize each cheek and make your booty appear as round as possible. Notice our Mia Brazila leggings, for example. Although subtle, you can see that the slight ruching really draws the booty out and helps give it a little extra shape. Unibutt, no more!


How Body Shaping Leggings Work

While body shaping leggings might not actually make you thinner, they create the appearance that you are in a number of ways. First, most body shaping leggings are made from a thicker material that is more forgiving than really lightweight leggings or tights. At Barbells to Bombshells, all of our leggings are made with premium fabric that stretches where it needs to and hugs where it should.


Next, body shaping leggings use the fashion options listed above to break up the leg and show off the good kind of curves. Who knew that a little color or pattern could help you drop 10 pounds instantly?


Another way body shaping leggings work is their cut. Most slimming leggings have a mid to high waist to help you hide any tummy trouble you may have. If you’re used to seeing smiling models on Instagram flexing their abs, you may be familiar with the magic of a good cut. You don’t want your leggings to hug your hips, as that will actually make you look bigger.


Body shaping leggings come in thigh-slimming, butt-lifting, and waist-cinching designs. So how do you know which one is best for you?


Finding the Body Shaping Legging That is Right For You

Because of our unique body shapes and sizes, body shaping leggings will look different and achieve different results on each individual. Because of this, sorting through the many options many seem endless. But, we’re here to provide a guide on how to find the perfect pair of leggings based on the look you want to achieve.


When finding the best pair of body shaping leggings, do you want to:


Lift the Booty?

If booty lifting is your goal, there are many options for you. The first, and most obvious, is the heart shaped pattern, like our Heart Booty Leggings. This is such a simple solution because it achieves the ideal heart shaped booty instantly.


Shape the Booty?

In addition to lifting, ruched bottom leggings work to shape, as well! The definition helps make your booty appear more round and shapely.


Slim the Thighs?

Slimmer thighs has been the goal of every woman at one point or another, and leggings are here to help! Out of the styles mentioned before, the ones with color blocking, smart stitching, and mesh cut outs help your legs look longer and leaner. For example, a horizontal band squeezes your look together and makes your legs look smaller.


Cinch the Waist?

As previously mentioned, the cut of your leggings has a lot to do with their slimming properties. You can have the most intelligently designed leggings, but if they hit your hips wrong, they may actually make you look bigger. Look for a pair that is mid to high-waisted to make your waist look smaller and your curves look more dramatic. Consider the material, too, as thicker material is usually more slimming.


Leading Body-Shaping Legging Brands

Depending on your budget, you can find the perfect pair of leggings for you. Below are some brands that offer body shaping technology sorted by price range.


$100+ - Nike, lululemon, Sweaty Betty

$56-$100 - Spanx, Under Armour, Athleta, Victoria Sport, Fabletics

Less than $55 - Barbells to Bombshells, Gymshark, GapFit, Old Navy


All of the above brands are great picks, so choosing one depends on your budget and the body goals you want to achieve. For example, lululemon leggings are designed for tall, thin athletes, while our leggings are designed for all body types. Some of the above, like Under Armour, are great for hard core workouts and some, like Victoria Sport, are more for fashion and lounging around. Finding the perfect body shaping leggings is a science!


How to Style Body Shaping Leggings

Not only do body shaping leggings make you look thinner, but they’re also extremely versatile and can be worn to work, the gym, and everywhere in between. Below are some of our favorite ways to make a whole outfit out of your leggings.


  • With a Long Button Down with Boots - Pair plain black leggings with a long shirt to wear them to a casual workplace! With a longer shirt, your rear will be covered, but you’ll still be comfortable. Or, you can pair a tee with a long cardigan to cover up. Add boots and a scarf to complete the look!
  • Choose Nice Leggings - Leggings come in more materials than just the stretchy, sweat-wicking kind. Our Olivia Leggings, for example, are sleek, glossy, and have a leather-look. Made with a soft satin finish fabric and decorated with straps on the outer side of the calf, they take athleisure to another whole level.

faux leather leggings

  • With a Graphic Tee - Nothing says “Sunday brunch” more than leggings, a cute graphic tee, and some sneakers. This look is casual enough to keep you comfortable, but is well put together.
  • With Flats and a Blazer - Probably the most formal way to wear leggings to work or for a night on the town is with nice flats and a blazer. Every woman knows that you can throw a blazer on any outfit to take it from casual to chic in about five seconds. Leggings with a blazer may be fashion’s best kept secret!
  • With a Bulky Top - One of the basic principles of fashion is to match opposites with each other. Match masculine combat boots with a gentle sweater, or ripped jeans with a nicer top. In addition, leggings are a great contrast to bulkier layers. You’ll stay warm and cute!



Body shaping leggings are taking the year by storm because of their versatility and slimming effect. Let’s summarize some of the main points around this perfect outfit essential.


  • Body shaping leggings are leggings that use technology and designs to help you appear lean and toned. Body shaping clothing has been around for a long time, but today’s leggings are sleeker and more fashionable than previous designs.
  • There are countless different choices for body shaping leggings, but some of the most popular include color block patterns, heart booties, ruched rears, mesh cut outs, flattering colors, and strategic stitching.
  • Body shaping leggings work by breaking up your leg, hugging where they should, and tightening the needed areas.
  • Body shaping leggings can help lift and shape your booty, thin your thighs, and cinch your waist. Choose the right cut for your body type to enjoy maximum benefits.
  • Not only are these leggings body shaping, but they can also be worn in and out of the gym. Pair them with boots, scarves, a graphic tee, and more to create a complete look.


At Barbells to Bombshells, we believe that every woman’s curves are beautiful. There’s no need to hide behind clothes to feel confident. But, we also believe that wearing clothing that makes us look good makes us feel good, too. Our leggings are designed to make you look great and feel empowered. After all, a little booty never hurt anyone! Check out our bestsellers to find the right body shaping leggings for you.


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